Scale and Notes

Except when noted all ships are 1/2400 scale.
I used a resolution of 200dpi. with 1 pixel equalling 1 foot.
All images are 6" by 6".

I'm putting 2 versions of each drawing in each image. A ready to go version that just needs to be printed, folded and glued for use, and a simple image so that people can base it however they want.

One word of caution to anyone who wants to modify the ships I've posted. All of these are jpeg images, so don't resave them in Paint. Paint will corrupt the images. Use a better program such as GIMP (my personel favorite), Imageshack, or photoshop.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Delays, Delays

I'm not really sure how many people are following my work here, but if people are, I'd like to apologize for the delays in posting new ships. I've been doing some house work, painting and such. I hope to be back on schedule and have some more stuff up by week's end.


Pete P. said...

As you know, I'm holding on waiting for Lex and Enterprise!

Anonymous said...

Your work is amazing, I'm waiting for other nation's ships, mostly Japanese so these can be used in a game. A Baltimore class cruiser would be nice, too. I make my own games and counters, but these are way cooler.

wardog333 said...

How long is this delay suposed to last!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!!It's been 4 months!!!!!!!How could you be still working around your houes!!!!!!!!???? P.S. Please put in some Japanese ships.

Anonymous said...

December 8 anonymous again. I'm curious how "delays" could be as long as they have been, but one look at the detail and you can tell that these would take a very long time to make. I agree that he should work on japanese ships next.

Anonymous said...

Could you at least tell us if you plan to add anymore of your excellent work to this sit, or are we wasting our time coming back again and again