Scale and Notes

Except when noted all ships are 1/2400 scale.
I used a resolution of 200dpi. with 1 pixel equalling 1 foot.
All images are 6" by 6".

I'm putting 2 versions of each drawing in each image. A ready to go version that just needs to be printed, folded and glued for use, and a simple image so that people can base it however they want.

One word of caution to anyone who wants to modify the ships I've posted. All of these are jpeg images, so don't resave them in Paint. Paint will corrupt the images. Use a better program such as GIMP (my personel favorite), Imageshack, or photoshop.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Future Plans

Next up will be US aircraft carriers and aircraft. For the carriers, I’m looking to do both the port and starboard sides. That depends on what drawings and photos I can find of the port sides. I’m starting with the large fleet carriers and then will move on to the light and escort types. I’m going to see if putting a couple of Wildcats, with wings folded, looks good on the flight deck or not.

I’ve started with the outlines for aircraft, and decided to use the Battle of Midway as a starting point. I worked up the outlines for the Wildcat, Devastator, and Dauntless, and I’ll make a couple of planes between each carrier, including land based planes used by the marines or Army Air Corps in the Pacific, excluding transports and medium or heavy bombers unless also used in anti-submarine or anti-ship roles. Stationed on Midway Island, there were Vindicators, Avengers and Brewster Buffaloes. They’ll be the next group of planes done.

Some people have asked for Japanese ships and planes to be done next. I fully intend to do the Japanese next after I have completed the US Navy. Here’s what I still have to finish:

Aircraft Carriers
Destroyers and Destroyer Escorts
Subs and Sub Chasers
Mine Layers and Sweepers
Auxiliary Ships, Merchants and Transports.

This is the order for other countries, after I’ve finished the US:

United Kingdom and Commonwealth
Smaller European Navies
The Navies of South America, Asia and Africa

I think I’ll put these lists up on the side bar after this post gets archived.

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