Scale and Notes

Except when noted all ships are 1/2400 scale.
I used a resolution of 200dpi. with 1 pixel equalling 1 foot.
All images are 6" by 6".

I'm putting 2 versions of each drawing in each image. A ready to go version that just needs to be printed, folded and glued for use, and a simple image so that people can base it however they want.

One word of caution to anyone who wants to modify the ships I've posted. All of these are jpeg images, so don't resave them in Paint. Paint will corrupt the images. Use a better program such as GIMP (my personel favorite), Imageshack, or photoshop.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Yorktown Class Aircraft Carriers

Well, I've finally gotten the Yorktown class done. The carriers are taking me a bit longer than I expected. The building of a carrier drawing is a bit different than the other ships. On battleships and cruisers you just start with the hull and build up. With the carriers you kind of build up and then add details as you go back down.
Next up is the Wasp. I have only photos of the port side, so some of the details will be more of a estimate. Not quite as accurate as I'd like.

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