Scale and Notes

Except when noted all ships are 1/2400 scale.
I used a resolution of 200dpi. with 1 pixel equalling 1 foot.
All images are 6" by 6".

I'm putting 2 versions of each drawing in each image. A ready to go version that just needs to be printed, folded and glued for use, and a simple image so that people can base it however they want.

One word of caution to anyone who wants to modify the ships I've posted. All of these are jpeg images, so don't resave them in Paint. Paint will corrupt the images. Use a better program such as GIMP (my personel favorite), Imageshack, or photoshop.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Catalina PBY

Right now I'm working on the black and white outlines for some American heavy cruisers. Sometimes the drawing gets a bit monotonous, so I've decided to break it up by drawing some USN aircraft between ships. I'm starting with flying boats and float planes, because I've already made some side-views for my ships. The planes are at the same resolution as the ships, but in a different scale. they are 1/1200 scale. I decided to do this to increase the visibility of the planes and to represent the fact that they're above the ships, i.e. closer to the viewer.

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